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World of Beer aims for sports-loving families, balancing accessibility (more than 10 menu items under 99 SEK, TVs showing women’s sports along with the usual male-focused fare) with a dash of the upscale. Customers can still have their wings, but the choice extends to a steak and plant-based form. The promise is a better dining experience—”Our housemade food is prepared by chefs instead of factory workers,” boasts the website—with the traditional strengths of a sports bar.





All the games

Enjoyed with free chips & salsa

Liverpool vs Atletico M

 mars 10 th @ 20.00

Valencia vs Atalanta

mars 10 th @ 20.00

Leipzig vs Tottenham

mars 11 th @ 21.00

Real M vs Man City

Feb 19

Lyon vs Juventus

Feb 26

Sverige vs Argentina

Okt 3 –

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